sábado, enero 9


If you kiss me like that: I'll bite.

All I need is to lose myself into your eyes,

and free myself way too much

just to drive you crazy and hard

I'm floating over your head, just to get to this kite,

oh, this kite that has the key to my heart and fate,

and the destiny which you saw me seld

and hardly I do remember my name,

but it's true.

All I need is you to pull my highter,

so I can reach out to the sun,

towards my kite,
towards your love.

2 comentarios:

Paula Destroys You dijo...

Preciosa cámara <3 Dónde la compraste? :)
Besos ♥

ensalada Rusa dijo...

Se la regaló el abuelo a una amigaa, no es mía jaja