jueves, marzo 12

Bored at Math class(:

Greenlight. Seven am, will I get school on time? 'Cause, you know, I've fallen asleep with the cellphone in my hand waiting for a message. It wasn't I didn't want to wait for you, it's just that I was too tired to wait up late. Lately I've been thinking that I love you, and I don't know how. You told me it sometimes doesn't need more than two times... Were you meaning, that we are meant to be together or just to be apart? Baby, guess I've already given up my heart. Teach me not to worry about everything and I'll, teach you how to rethink, not to be that impulsive; to be even more perfect that you already are for me. Oh, seems I've finally found you and I've known you for ages but just now I've realize, I'm hopeless, devastated, oh so helpless... Without you. I'm coming around that mac were we met, sitting on the parking lot, talking about important things. How I missed that smile... And though I've seen it four days ago, the fact starts to get me mad. Tell me you'll be around my place, with your father's car. Come get me between your arms, don't let me go. I'm afraid you might leave me; I know I won't be able to breath again. I don't wonder, I don't think, neither I believe. If you believe I know, I'll dissapear.

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