jueves, marzo 5

Hair Cut,

I used to think I was bipolar. Yes today, no tumorrow, and maybe next week. Guess those who thinks as them themselves as crazy, are the most conscius ones. So that leaves me: you and I, aren't the perfect couple to match. You're way to crazy, and I fall at last. For throwing webs around me, you are fast. How we get to this? Why do you make it more complicated than it already is? Guess, we said too much but not in the right time; we were fast, looking for love we knew, it just couldn't come. Oh, oh.
Two crazy lovers, wanting desesperately for love. How do I look? Am I thin enough?
'Cause perfection isn't impossible, apart for us.
That's what I used to think.
Lately is like you've been missing me, and I can notice, oh I'd be silly if I didn't. And my heart continues stopping, everytime you're talking... To me-me-me. And though I realized I love you, just love you, a few days ago: my heart has been yours since the first day I've met you. Sun stroking the snow down us, and you making that crooked smile of yours, just to charm me at the single sight. Lately you've been coming around
a lot. Not that I care, but if you choose to leave me one more time, I don't think I'll resist. I love you way too much to let you go on without me in your life. When will you realize that is me who you want?! Just me and you, you and me. One and one. Try to love like I love you, and you'll realize... That we are so-so-so bond to be, like the pencil into my fist. Just like you with your drumming sticks. Love me, that's all I ask.
And I think, that's what I still believe.

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