jueves, octubre 9


Things had change, but not completely. Sure thing you knew beforehand that something like this would happen. Did you knew taht I'd be so different? Did you knew that out hearts 'd bit as one that night? Did you knew I'd be freakin' mad... About you eyes? Tell me why whenever I have the chance to start all over agian, you reappear to make me love you without any gain. Tell me why we were so foolish, so childish; so not to be strong enough to face our feelings. But we can't change the past. We now have to let it pass. Boy you're still live word love: a little hippie sometimes but so rock n' roll inside. You gotta now baby, you're still my winter love. Not even my night dreams made justice to your smile. Despite the lack of light in that club that night, I'm still enchanted due to your eyes. Since now we've met each other again, and taking count the much years separated we've spent. Would you see me again? Would you let me know that five hided secret that went out one more time? How in the world such confessions turned to come out for sight? How did I ended up speaking those words out my mouth? You should have know we would have this effect in each of our minds. Deep breath, think slow and catious. I'm avoiding desire to kiss you. Oh boy, I don't wanna go, but you're managing to make temptation impossible to stop.

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