viernes, febrero 8

Sorry (Continue Walking)

Look in the middle of his eyes
and try to figure out what's on his mind.
The least that you want its to hurt his pure heart.
But the truth is that you can't change your feelings
and you leave the relation as friendly.
To then discover,
that you've lost someone.

Or another one.

I have an ache on my stomage
and I feel dizzy and about to faint
You said friends we would be
but I believe you couldn't bet.
And I'm sorry I've been that mean,
to tell you how much I love you
and forget about those lines,
as if there were just another thing to do.

So now you've gone away,
far away this land.
And when you return
I don't think you could look me in the eyes.
And I wish I'd had a time machine
to erase my silly trash,
but the truth is that friends we'll never can...

And I'm sorry for the things I've said and done
I'm sorry for not letting you another chance.
And I'm sorry to break your heart
when I've told you that you were the one in my life.
And I'm completly sorry of seeing you go
and losing what I thought,
I would never know.

The things I write has no meaning
but they meant a lot to me.
And if you once again dare to talk me
please hug me as you said like crazy 'Shh!'
'Cause I've never had someone
who treated me like you do
who show me I could be loved
You know losing friends is a thing I can't go through.

So why didn't you tell me,
that I would lose any opportunite to see you every day?
So why did you hide from me,
the fact that when I arrived home, you wouldn't be there?
You didn't lie, but you neither spoke it out
and I'm angry, and all I can do is to scream this feeling out loud...

And you gotta Continue Walking
though your road is to the other way from mine.
I'm not going to be that happy,
but you can call me whenever you want.

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