lunes, enero 12


Coming back and back, coming and going: it's the story of our lifes. Guess it is. Life doesn't stop, it keeps going, it doesn't stop to wait till you realise if you want to go on. I understand this kind of things, when I'm completely in peace, and though I believe this kind of peace was only bond to be given by you, I realised I just need love: I can't be alone. But I misunderstood the love I needed, I have those around me; that know me too damn well, 'cause they stand by me everytime I'm moody or bad. Friends of heart. Don't let me down, hope they won't, must believe they won't. Love you now and forever, but must let you go. I'm easy, relaxed. Still personality: complicated but as much love as hated, this is just me. Want to go back to the past, but not anymore. Present is perfect the way it is, and must live it fast, 'cause you gotta die young; that's something I've learned from you. Whatsmore, not to think too much about things, be a little bit impulsive, that my heart bits are okay to be followed. And give importance to what it really matter, yeah you taught me that. You taught me to believe in second chances, and star nights... Though I must end this chapter, and close my diary to start some other new, with white new pages, ready to fulfil them with everything I'll do. 'Cause I got a tomorrow, and I have an aim. And I got your memories, to read what you've said over and over again. I will forget you as time goes on, and my old watch gives another hour, and another day, I'll change, and you too. Maybe we will see each other again, oh yeah again. Maybe in five years or more, and maybe, just maybe you will be strong enough to stay by me, and let me see that you're not lieing when you tell me that I have an effect on you, 'cause I know I do. But now we will just take a time, a whole-existence time or maybe a couple or more years. All built up over a maybe, but that's life. You never know what you are going to find out,

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