sábado, enero 10

January 9th

Never hated so much someone, because I hate the feeling of losing something that was never really mine. Why do you come and go? Like if you were switched on and off. Just like lights in my room. You change your mind like you change your boxers after a bath, or hooking up. Would you ever notice that I'm here RIGHT NOW? And that I'm not staying too much. I won't love you forever, you know? And some other guy will pay me the attention I do diserve and... Need. I hate you because you gave me false hopes of being loved again. And now I'm crying because of you. My life is fine without you and maybe if I say it, and believe my words, just maybe I would start believing that you never existed at all. 'Cause yeah, you were never with me when I was bad, upset or just facing some bipolar situation. And yet your ex-girlfriend fulled me up and down with adjectives and discrimination. And now I'm having my heart broken once again; loving you was just a waste of time, loving in vain. Hate your pretending just like anything had happened. Hate you, I hate you, oh oh, I hate you... As I hate myself.

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