viernes, diciembre 12

October 18th

Sure you don't even think about me.
Sure I was just another heart in yout list.
Will you make my heart beat again? Please text me.

Don't you worry, sleep safe and sound baby
I'm slidding a little knife from my back...
You've set free my naked body and now I can act for my will.

As I hold up and high the knife upon your face,
I realise I'd not achieve to make my will come true.
Again you've won, and now you want another race,

Why, don't you go round there but not near my house?
Why, don't you open wide your hazle eyes in front of another slut?
Why, oh why boy do I have to fall all over it again, when my heart and I know...
That I can't take control of myself and get mad without any sense.
Boy, look which girl you've charmed.

Gotta wake up from your peaceful rest RIGHT NOW,
if I'm not online you get your gorgious iPhone of your pocket and,
text me something that would make me again have you in my mind.

Please, this's getting to a point that I can't control my crazyness.
Miss your hazle eyes, your espastic moves and your irresistible way of...
I want you to whisper again in my year all those songs we both knew so well.
Let me know if I'm getting obsess.

Am I?

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