lunes, diciembre 8

Positive Thinking

¿How many nights would be like yesterday one?
I still believe I'm just another one in your list,
make me know I'm wrong baby please.
Doubts go round and round my mind,
feeling like you want me, or wait, you want me away.
Maybe I'm the one to blame, yeah
for believing that you could fall in love as quickly as I do.
Boy, you're kisses were so unforgetable, so pure
Boy, your eyes were so deep, so magical.
You made me feel reborn, like I was completely full.

Whether I was waiting for you, you were trying to hook up with another girl
and while I made myself completely difficult, you knew I was dieing for yor capacity of kissing so damn well.
So why did I pretend when you already knew the truth? Why did I keep on posponing what was bond?
Why do you kiss so sweet, why do you stroke my lips like this? Why, oh why
Please let me know that you lied to me the other day, you weren't serious about not settling things down
Please speak out while you tickle me like you know I can't stand, saying absolutily nothing but meaning it all.
'Cause I just can't live always keeping me positive thinking, believing that you will do exactly what I want you to.

So why wouldn't you like for something more than just a kiss,
even your friend was more determinated so that we could be one.
Remember your answer to him, instantly, grabbed my face and shut me up with a kiss.
Stop it, please! You're making this the most perfect mix between hell and paradise.
Is like I felt you wanted to protecte me, care for me, from something bad,
you hugged me tightly, I was again wrapped in your arms.
Where I was dreaming of resting my whole life.
But then I came to think that you were just hot, I was just one more
Why can't things be more easy? Why can't you just chase me like I chase you?
Hate you for making me so badly in love, in just two nights.
Kiss me, one first kiss and another, another.

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