lunes, enero 19

Coming from the edge

You're in front of me, but you look as if you were miles away. You think you know me, but you don't. You think you had protected me from you, 'the worst nightmare'; but you've hurt me even more. 'Cause I can deal with monsters getting worse by the days, but I can't deal with you walking away... You brought hopes I thought I'd never feel again. But the question here is why did you bring them if you were planning to leave me alone in the end? To give me that break down, didn't you knew that maybe I was already in the edge? Last night I dreamt about you, fantasing that maybe, you were missing me too. Maybe, maybe you, you'll turn again to me but sure to walk away (as you always do) and leave me insane. You come and go, and go on your way. And I'll have to make my way in the opposite direction, Your way, my way, let's hope destiny brings as together again. I'll be different, pretty different and strong enough: to tell you that for me you're not good enough. And though I may be strong you'll always be my weak point, always and forever, you know? Smile, oh I'll smile. Wait for you, 'cause I don't know if it's an instint, or a wish but I know you're coming back, 'cause your desire for me was never fulfiled. I'll go my way, oh my way. Happy and meeting new boys, pray to heaven that when you decide to come back I'll be opened arms just for you.

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